Interest Rates Up 26% in the Past 6 Weeks

 By: Patrick Carlisle 

Chief Market Analyst
San Francisco Bay Area

Due to a number of factors - inflation, international developments and other issues - serious increases in interest rates have continued in 2022, hitting 3.92% in the past week (up 26% in the past 6 weeks), according to Freddie Mac. Below are 3 angles on interest rates, plus the latest inflation reading for January (which hit a 40-year high). Interest rates can change very rapidly up or down, and it's extremely difficult to predict those changes with any accuracy. Whether these changes shall continue, the magnitude of such changes, and how exactly they might (or might not) affect the market is still developing. 

And financial market turbulence has continued, as delineated in this snapshot of YTD S&P 500 movements: 

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